Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Is Oliguria And Anuria Disease and Reasons

The common people’ urine output is stable. And if the urine output is too much or too less, it means there is something wrong on one’ kidney.
We know that kidney has the function to adjust the output of the urine. In clinic, Urine output less than 400 ml in 24 hours called oliguria and urine output less than 100 ml 24 hours called anuria. Oliguria or anuria can be divided into three categories:
(1)Pre-renal oliguria or anuria: because of the lack of effective systemic circulating blood volume and the decrease of kidney blood flow, glomerular filtration pressure become heavy and filtration rate reduce. Common in bleeding, dehydration, shock, and low blood pressure, renal artery or vein embolism or adjacent to the tumor oppression, etc.
(2)Renal oliguria or anuria: it is refers to the renal parenchyma damage reduced the volume of urine or no urine. Common in renal ischemia caused by crush syndrome; acute tubular necrosis caused by sulfanilamide, mercury poisoning; All sorts of acute or chronic glomerulonephritis, the accelerated glomerular nephritis, secondary glomerular nephritis; Leptospirosis epidemic hemorrhagic fever, sepsis, severe infection diseases;acute interstitial nephritis, kidney obstruction symptoms.
(3)Post-renal oliguria or anuria: common in urethra narrow, prostatic hypertrophy, or cancer, urinary tract obstruction caused by bladder neck blockage; or stones, blood clots, scars and all around tumor oppression or retroperitoneal fibrosis of ureter blockage.
Renal insufficiency cause acute kidney failure and have little or no urine symptom. The importance is early detection, early treatment. The reasons of oliguria and anuria can be divided into three categories:acute renal insufficiency, renal insufficiency and post-renal symptoms according to the conditions of different, we make the correct introduction.
1. kidney insufficiency, such as shock, low blood pressure, heart failure, severe dehydration, electrolyte disorders, liver disease serious low protein reduced glomerular filtration rate other low renal blood flow perfusion hyperlipidemia disease cause the reducing or no urine output.
2. Acute kidney dysfunction ,such as acute nephrotic syndrome, rapid progress of nephrotic syndrome, acute aggravating period of chronic kidney disease syndrome, with lupus nephritis, etc.
3. Post-renal, such as bladder neck obstruction,acute renal failure caused by renal dysfunction, there is little or no urine. In determining the oliguria, we should first eliminate the urinary tract and bladder dysfunction, urinary retention in the bladder mechanical intestinal obstruction.
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